Short Bio

steven-denney_photoSteven Denney is a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. He holds an MA in Global Affairs and Policy from Yonsei University (Seoul) and a BA in Political Science from Harding University. Steven is the managing editor for, a research site for Koreanists and Sinologists, and a columnist for The Diplomat.

Between 2011-2013, he was the Editor in Chief of the Yonsei Journal of International Studies and worked at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies (Seoul) as an editor and Young Scholar. Steven also studied Korean at Seoul National University and Sogang University. His MA thesis used theories of the developmental state to (re)examine early state and national formation in 19th century America, focusing on national projects such as canal digging and national roads. 

His research interests span two fields: political economy and political sociology. The former interest speaks to his broader intellectual and academic interests while his disciplinary training drives the latter. Steven’s dissertation research focuses on changes and variations in South Korean national identity. Advised by Professors Joseph Wong, Andre Schmid, and Neil Nevitte, he is particularly interested in the rise of a “new”​ nationalism among South Korea’s youth and the relationship between political conditions, socioeconomic development, and national identity.

Steven also works on issues related to the digital economy and ICT innovations with co-chairs of the Innovation Policy Lab, Professors David Wolfe and Danny Breznitz, at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs.

Steven’s scholarly work has been published in The Asan ForumThe Review of Korean Studies, The Stanford Journal of East Asian Studies, the British Academy of Korean Studies (BAKS) Papers, and The North Korean Review. Essays and op-eds written by Steven have appeared at, The Asia Times, Daily NK, CSIS Pacnet, The Korean Quarterly, The Diplomat, and He has also translated articles (Korean-English) for New Focus International, koreaBANG, Daily NK, and

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